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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why am I still up so late?

Okay, this is 3 nights in a row now! I'm still up at almost midnight wondering why I am still awake! Maybe it's the beautiful evenings we have been having here at the lake. I hate to see them end and don't want to leave the front porch.

OR MAYBE, it's the recent drama we had in the neighborhood and I'm afraid the drunk neighbor might pour Round-Up on my newly planted flower beds because we called the police on him for beating the crap out of his wife! You know, I could sleep on the porch if it wasn't for that guy! Turd...

Maybe it is because I am enjoying my life for the first time in a long time. My husband was almost killed in February of 2007. We have been living a life in and out of hospitals from coast to coast ever since trying to get him back to as normal as possible. We finally have a bit of a breather before the next surgery and I am getting to enjoy our life. Maybe this is the beginning of coming off of the Prozac! One can only dream.....

Well, I just got the light shut off on me which is my sign from the hubby that he is irritated by the clicking of the laptop in his ear. I guess I'll have to save more for another day.

Here's to maybe getting a little shut-eye tonight!!!

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