My life may not perfect but it is blessed because I have a wonderful Lord and Savior who knows me and loves me anyway!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I should clarify! Kevin is not my brother. I was sent this precious story by my good friend, Erin. I thought it was such a wonderful story of how we should all be child-like in our faith. I just wanted to share the beauty of it. I didn't even think that anyone would think Kevin is MY brother!!! After reading it again, I can see how it might appear that way! SORRY!!!!


Hannah Noel said...

HAHA nice. I guess you're not as special as I thought ;) ;) lol jk

BTW-- my big sister made the layout for me!! She's (her name is Rachel, she lives in Houston!)

Jennifer (O) said...

I felt so bad after seeing your comment! I really thought you would be upset with me! I'm special! Really I am!!!