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Friday, December 9, 2011

Riding with the Guard

Showing respect in a flag line for the family

Me lining up for a procession
what we refer to as The Big Flags out front!
I have the honor of riding with the Patriot Guard Riders in a multiple state area.  These are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, former military men and women, blue star parents, and overall great patriots who believe whole heartedly that someone who served this country in the military deserves respect shown when they have either payed the ultimate price in service or after serving this great nation!  The folks gave up time with their families and friends to stand on a battlefield to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.  The least that can be given to them by us as a country is the respect that they are owed!  They earned it!

If you see a funeral procession pass you by, and you see a long line of motorcycle riders leading the way or following close behind, just know that these are my brothers and sisters in the guard.  Pull over, remove your hat, and pay respect to the person who is going by to their final resting place. 

We take great pride in being able to do what we do.  It is such an honor to be allowed to stand watch over the families so they can mourn their loved ones in peace without fear of being harassed or Heaven forbid, PICKETED by that wack-job "church" out of Westboro. 

I love being able to ride with these fine people from all walks of life.  I will ride with the guard in life until it is time for them to ride for me when I die.  GOD BLESS THE PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS!

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