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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter In Oklahoma

Holy cow it is cold!  I know some of you experience much colder weather than we are right now but, I DON'T LIKE COLD!  When it drops into the 50's, I've had enough!  Since crossing over into another year of life this past week, now at the ripe ol age of 4.#*%# something something...blah. blah. blah... doesn't really matter... I find that the cold now hurts deeper in the joints!  NO LIKEY! I was the athlete! I was the cheerleader! I was the workhorse! I was the girl who would never be outdone by any boy alive!  What happened?  

Now, my shoulders pop and creak, my hips burn, my lower back feels like it has a knot in it, and my hands move like they are covered in 30lb weights!  It's not fair!  I am truly a believer in youth is wasted on the young!  

The winters here in OK are not typical.  Even though we stay above freezing most of the time, we have a very wet cold; icy cold that penetrates multiple layers of clothing and sits in your bones!  We are also blessed by brown Bermuda grass and very long, gray days.  I think our sun goes into hiding from October to March.  It makes you want to stay in bed with the covers pulled up to your chin, or it makes you want to graze in the fridge and cabinets on comfort food while still in your footie pajamas! This is how I gain my winter weight and then come lake season, I will kick myself for allowing such gluttony to take place and I will being the nasty cycle of gym classes and crash diets.  Blah.....

I think I am ready to consider becoming a snow bird!  The thought of Christmas on the white, sandy beaches of the east coast sound better and better all of the time!

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