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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking Inventory for Joplin Families

I spent the afternoon at the storage unit going through items that have been donated for victims of the Joplin Tornado.  I am so thrilled to be a part of the Adopt a Joplin Family organization.  This has been so rewarding for me.  My husband and I feel like we cannot teach our daughter to be a servant of God without setting the example ourselves.  She is witnessing first hand as well as participating in what is to our family, a completely self-less act of what we are commanded to do as Christians.

We are not wealthy by any definition of the word but we have been blessed.  Mainly blessed by having good, Godly friends who have jumped right in to help us locate items that are so desperately needed by these folks! I cannot imagine losing everything you have accumulated over a lifetime!  Especially if you have heirloom items.  How does one emotionally recover from that?  I strongly believe that the only ones who survive are those who lean, steadfast in their faith in God.  This is our temporary home.  Material items are nothing compared to eternal life with the Father!

I am so blessed to be meeting these people and being able to provide them with some peace and help restore their dignity.  Thank you, God for this experience.

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