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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waiting for Daddy

For the first time in my life and in my Mom and Dad's married life, we sitting in the surgery waiting room waiting for my Dad.  He is 66 years old as of Monday and this is the first time he has ever gone "under the knife". 

Having been in a waiting room numerous times following Jamey's electrocution and 15 following surgeries, I know how lonely it feels to be the waiting spouse!  My Mom is so fortunate for them to have been married 47 years and this is her first wait!

The waiting room is filled with lots of families who are waiting too.  Quiet chatter is heard over the sound of the morning news on the television.  Of course, there is that one, obnoxious and loud guy who doesn't know the meaning of "inside voice"! I am hearing about how his job sucks, who wronged him, what his plans are for the weekend, and how drunk he got last weekend!  Fabulous..... And of course, he knows everything and has done it all, ya know!  He is also very creepy and keeps staring at me. Gross!

Mom has gone back in pre-op with Dad while they get him ready.  I'm sure there are prayers being said, I know I have been.  Dad is our family rock.  I pray for the surgeon and his staff as they repair him.  Do they realize that's my Daddy?  Do they realize that's my Mom's husband? Do they realize he is the Grandpa of 3 wonderful children?  Do they think about those things when they take a patient back and start to work on him?

God be with you Dad...See you soon!

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